ACANA Cat Food Pacifica Recipe


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Acana Cat Food take inspiration and ingredients from Canada’s vast and fertile lands providing quality, regional sources always delivered fresh without preservatives and never frozen. This creates a biologically appropriate, protein-rich formula with various meats just as nature intended! Not to mention the fresh and local fruits & vegetables delivered fresh and fit for human consumption.

As for Acana Pacifica Cat Formula, this food features fresh, wild-caught Canadian herring, mackerel, hake, blue whiting, flounder and rockfish delivered fresh from the Canadian Coast. Available in 1.8 kg (4 lbs) and 4.5 kg (10 lbs) bags.


  • Biologically appropriate formula – Ingredients and nutrients for the body to absorb easily and readily
  • Grain-free and Low Carbohydrates – Causes blood sugar to rise less over longer periods of time
  • WholePrey Diet - Includes fish, organs & cartilage
  • Regional sources for all ingredients – Delivered fresh every day from trusted sources
  • Rich and diverse in meat – 75% Wild-caught herring, mackerel, hake, blue whiting, flounder and rockfish
  • Fresh and local fruits & vegetables – 25% fruits and vegetables from trusted, local sources delivered fresh every time
  • Enhanced metabolism – Organic sea vegetables and botanicals nourish and tones our cat’s digestive tract and enhance metabolism
  • No added water – Gently steam-cooked in their natural juices with a freeze-dried coat for palatability
  • No wheat, rye, corn or gluten – ingredients often associated with digestive disorders

Acana Cat Food Pacifica Recipe



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