CANISOURCE GRAND CRU Red Meat Formula Dehydrated Raw Dog Food


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All ingredients are 100% approved for human consumption!

Unlike extruded products, CaniSource Grand Cru kibbles are the result of a unique low temperature dehydration process that preserves the vast majority of original nutrients. 100% of our ingredients are approved for human consumption and we never use slaughterhouse rejects or by-products, meat meal or fishmeal.

Discover the flavours and nutrients enjoyed by your dog in every serving of CaniSource Grand Cru!

CaniSource Grand Cru recipes use high quality ingredients processed to preserve precious nutrients and ensure that your dog enjoys their full benefits, regardless of breed and age. All of our meat is carefully selected and prepared in HACCP certified plants, preferably local ones.

CaniSource Grand Cru Red Meat Formula Dehydrated Raw Dog Food

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Canisource Grand Cru


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