HURRAW Savoury Pork Recipe Dehydrated Raw Dog Food


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The word raw means that we use the same ingredients as those used in quality frozen raw diets : fresh human grade ingredients as opposed to processed powdered ingredients. Raw also indicates that the first part of the manufacturing process is exactly the same as that of quality frozen raw diets. The word dehydrated designates the last part of the manufacturing process. In this case, a low temperature dehydration instead of freezing.

Extruded kibble accounts for most of the pet food sold on the market because it is convenient to feed. However, the extrusion process used to make it kills most of the original nutrients. Frozen raw diets are gaining in popularity because they preserve all of the original nutrients and yield tremendous health benefits for your dog. Sadly, a lot of pet owners find a raw diet too time consuming and complicated to feed. Dehydrated raw foods are designed to bridge the gap between kibble and frozen raw.

Made of these 100% human grade ingredients :

Pork, extra-lean ground, pork, lentils, pork liver, eggs, apples, pumpkin, ground flaxseeds, apple cider vinegar, cranberries, calcium, thyme, ground celery seeds, phosphorus, vitamin E

Also available in a 10kg box by Special Order only. Please speak to an associate in store for more details.

Hurraw Savoury Pork Recipe Dehydrated Raw Dog Food

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