SAHARA Clumping Unscented Cat Litter


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Sahara is made from high-quality clumping clay and dedusted for the comfort of your cat and your entire family.  Sahara is designed to control odours so that your home remains fresh and foul-odour free for up to 30 days without doing a full litter box change.   Just scoop and top it up as needed!   

  • Sahara is passed through a rigorous dedusting system during production for maximum dust removal.  
  • Sahara is easy to clean! The litter creates hard clumps that can be scooped out easily.
  • Sahara is made from quality clay that draws liquids inside each molecule trapping odours. 
  • Sahara is a waste-free choice: Once you scoop out your cat’s waste, the rest of the litter is clean and ready for your cat to use again. No need to throw out the whole pan every week!



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