SKOUTS HONOR Concrete & Turf Urine & Odor Destroyer Spray


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Finally, a powerful and easy-to-use solution to destroy stubborn pet stains and odors from your favorite outdoor living spaces! Simply attach to a hose and spray on concrete, brick, artificial turf, outdoor furniture/upholstery and other water-safe surfaces.

Breaks down stubborn stains & eliminates lingering odors from outdoor living spaces.

Great For : Keeping the great outdoors smelling great!

Breaks down stubborn stains & eliminates lingering odors from concrete, brick, artificial turf and other outdoor living spaces.

Safe Surfaces : Concrete, stone, artificial turf, brick, outdoor furniture and other water-safe surfaces.

Not Recommended For : Leather, unsealed wood or live plants.

Use : 1. After attaching to hose, turn the nozzle and spray/saturate the affected area(s) using a sweeping motion back and forth until you see some sudsing action. 2. Stop spraying and wait 5 minutes. Remove product from hose and spray area with water from hose until the area runs clear and bubble-free (a stiff bristle brush can be used to loosen surface dirt/debris if needed, but not necessary). 3. Allow the area to dry naturally. A second applications may be needed for areas heavily soiled in urine. Allow treated area(s) to dry completely before children or pets enter the area.


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