WELLYTAILS Dog Supplement Digestion & Immunity Formula


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A very common problem for a large number of dogs is difficulty in digesting their kibble food. This is especially the case of those kibbles that are formulated with grains and high temperature processed. Even grain-free kibble made from meat powders and meat meals can be difficult for some dogs to digest. Grains, meat powders, and high temperature processing are typical with today’s pet foods.

Digestion issues often exhibit these common symptoms: nasty bad breath, suffer bloating, eat their own stool / feces, have very smelly stinking gas / flatulence and bad stool / feces odors.

  • 7 Digestive Enzymes
  • Supports Immune Health
  • 3 Prebiotics & 9 Probiotics
  • All 3 Omega-3s
  • GLA Omega-6
  • Acacia Fibregum-B
  • Organic Chelated Zinc

Digestion and Immunity Dog Supplement Benefits

  • 7 fungal sourced digestive enzymes for maximum digestion of nutrients making them more available for normal growth and maintenance
  • 6 way blend of proven prebiotics and probiotics that aid in both digestion and improved nutrient availability and assimilation as well as the benefits of immune system health support
  • A unique proven digestion system health yeast strain that helps to reduce diarrhea issues
  • Toxin binding earth which helps absorb micro toxins that may form in the gut helping to prevent premature aging and cancers.

WellyTails Dog Supplement Digestion & Immunity Formula

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